smelly carpet after cleaning

Smelly Carpet After Cleaning

You will get a sinking feeling when you notice a smelly carpet after cleaning. You try to guess why the smell it is so intense and persistent yet your carpet is dry. What really could be the problem? Hold on; you are about to learn the causes of the problem. You will also learn about the solution to your carpet smelling. 

Smelly Carpet After Cleaning

This article will explore the reasons why your carpet is smelly after cleaning. You will learn how to remove the smell as well as how to prevent it in the future. 

What is Causing the Smell?

When you leave your carpet soaked for a long time, it will absorb a lot of water. It is going to be a tall order to take out all that water. Even after drying, some water will be deep into the fabric. This is a common problem when you clean your carpet of spray paint stains or something else. To avoid this happening every time you clean your carpet, hire a professional cleaner. You will part with a small amount, but have your carpet cleaned to perfection. 

Another reason could be that you are using weak or old equipment that is not sucking all the water from the carpet fabric. You should use upgraded machines that will get all the water out to the last drop. 

Solving Your Smelly Carpet Problem

The main problem is drying your carpet. A lot of water is left within the carpet hence the smell even after drying it for days. So, how do you solve this problem to not make it permanent?

  • Groom your carpet and use a fan

Carpet rakes help straighten the fabrics to allow free circulation of air. It will also help with faster drying. You also need a top speed fan to help drive out all the moisture lodged deep into the carpet material after cleaning coffee or other sorts of stains. 

  • Give your carpet adequate time to dry

Do not be in a hurry to use your carpet after cleaning. Allow it sufficient time to dry completely. The drying duration will vary depending on the prevailing weather. It takes longer in chilly and humid conditions. 

  • Keep your windows open

The smell is lingering on for a long time because of poor air circulation. Open the windows to allow air to flow freely. It not only helps with drying but also driving the bad smell out. 

  • Run HVAC during winter

The cold weather is going to give carpets a hard time drying. Turn on your HVAC to increase the speed of drying. The fan mode is adequate so that your energy bills do not shoot through the ceiling. 

It is More Than Cleaning a Moldy Carpet

Merely cleaning your carpet will not take away the smell. You will need an inspection to find the extent of the problem and ensure that your carpet is clean. Once you are sure, it is time to use the most appropriate methods to deal with it. 

Bottom Line 

Smelly carpet after cleaning is not something you will be comfortable with. Do not be scared; it can be solved completely. The best solution is to rely on professional cleaners who know everything about carpet fabric when it comes to cleaning your carpet cheaply. They know the exact amount of water and the cleaning method for each carpet type.