How to Get Spray Paint Out of Carpet – Simple DIY Solutions

You can easily add an even layer of paint on any surface by spilling spray or aerosol paint on it. It can be a bit difficult to remove it from carpet, unless you know the proper way to do so without the risk of ruining your carpet. Below are some ways to prevent getting spray paint onto your carpet and how to get spray paint out of carpet in the case that it accidentally gets onto it.

Different Types of Spray Paint

Different types of spray paints are used for different purposes. For instance, the spray paint used for preventing rust is used on the items used outdoors like swing sets and patio furniture. Whereas some of the decorative spray paints are used on indoor items to give them a new look. In order to give a protective shine on metal and wood items, enamel spray paints are used. Spray paints are normally used by DIY enthusiasts as well as craftsmen as they are easy to use. You need not use primer while using spray paints as they have an oil base which allows them to dry quickly.

The best thing about using spray paints is that you need not clean any roller or brush after completing the task. But you will have to be careful while using spray paints of any kind as it can spoil your valuable things like carpets, rugs, and more if it spills over them.

Prevent Overspray of Spray Paint

How to Get Spray Paint Out of Carpet

You should prepare the area that you want to paint, before starting to paint. Using spray paint in an adequately ventilated or outdoor can be the best way to use it. In order to prevent overspray, you should put small items in a box as well as protect the surroundings by using a tarp. You can keep the paint in a single area by spraying it 6-8 inches away from the product to be painted.

How to Get Spray Paint Out of Carpet

You should avoid using spray paint near a carpeted surface as it can spill over it by accident. You can remove the stain of spray paint from your carpet by using different methods based on the type of carpet that you have. Although before using any method, you should test it on a hidden part of your carpet to ensure that it doesn’t make it react a certain way. You can use these methods on dry as well as wet paint.

Paint Thinner: This is commonly used to remove paint from any surface, including carpets. You can lift the stain by blotting it with a cloth or sponge soaked in thinner. Instead of rubbing, you should blot it as it will prevent spreading of the paint on the carpet.

Dish Detergent: You can use the mixture of a quart of warm water and a teaspoon of dish detergent to remove paint from the carpet. You should blot the stain with a sponge or cloth dampened in the mixture prepared until the stain goes away completely. You’ll then dry the carpet by blotting it with a thick towel.

Hydrogen Peroxide: You can also clean the stain by pouring 3% hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and blot the stain until the paint is removed. Rinse the carpet with a clean cloth and pat it dry with a towel.  

Bottom Line

It’s easy to get spray paint on different surfaces, but how easy is it to remove? If you happen to get spray paint on your carpet or any other tricky substances such as coffee or other drinks, you shouldn’t worry. This article went over methods on how to get spray paint out of carpet so that you won’t risk ruining your carpet as you’re trying to get it cleaned up. You can simply use items such as paint thinner, dish detergent, or hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the stains.