How to Eliminate Urine Odor

Having kids, aged family members, and pets at home is a beautiful thing. You are one big and happy family. However, keeping things clean at home becomes a little harder with such a group. Because of this, it can be overwhelming when pets urinate on carpets and bedding. When this happens, you will not only be looking for a way to clean but also how to eliminate urine odor. 

How to Eliminate Urine Odor

How to Eliminate Urine Odor

You could never be in a better place right now. Here you will learn how to clean your carpet when your pet has an accident, and how to get rid of the odor in your upholstery and carpeting. These methods are relatively simple and straightforward. You can do them with what you already have at home. 

Absorb with a Paper Towel ASAP

As soon as you notice the urine, grab a paper towel or general towel, and place it on the affected area. It’s important to absorb as much urine as possible. You can as well use old newspapers. Let them absorb the liquid until the place is dry. 

Get Water and Soap

As soon as the affected area is dry, grab water and soap. Using a sponge, rub the soapy water on the soiled portion. Keep doing it until you feel the place is clean. 

Sanitize the Wet Patch

One of the things every household should have is a sanitizer. It comes in handy in situations like this. Give the area a round of sanitizing once you finish with water and soap. 

Spot Any Stains with a Backlight

You may have missed some areas, especially if you are cleaning at night. To be sure you will not wake up to spots or residue in the carpet, use a backlight to highlight all the stains. You should mark them with chalk so that you do not leave any of them during the second round of cleaning. 

Utilizing Vinegar

Vinegar is one thing you should never lack at home. On top of doing a lot around the kitchen, it will help you with urine odor. All you do is sprinkle or spray undiluted vinegar on the soiled carpet. Sit and relax for 15 to 20 minutes. Afterward, scrub the area mildly for a few minutes. 

Professional Carpet Cleaners

If you are unable to remove the stain and odor fully from your pet’s urine, you may need the help of professionals. They will be able to apply effective commercial cleaners that will ensure your carpet’s clean and odor free.

In Conclusion

With these methods on how to eliminate urine odor, you now have the ways to get rid of the stains and the smell. Above are effective solutions to rid your carpeting of stubborn odors.