How to Protect New Carpet

You just got a new carpeted floor, but don’t know how to protect new carpet floor? Understandably so, many people don’t know how to maintain new carpets because they’re different to hard floors, which have a simpler and more straightforward maintenance process. Still, it’s worth installing a carpet as they add an extra charm to your household (and if you know how to keep carpet fluffy and soft, they’re a delight!). That’s why, this article will teach you how to protect new carpet, from stains and other threats so you can enjoy the best of your brand-new carpet floor!

how to protect new carpet

How to Protect New Carpet

Don’t know how to protect new carpet? You can avoid high-traffic areas, keep your feet clean, vacuum often and more.

Avoid High-Traffic Areas

Which rooms have the most foot traffic? The front door? The hallway? Well, avoid those areas where people walk the most (especially in the doors, where the filth comes straight from outside!). Install carpets in your bedrooms and living rooms instead, where it’s warm and cozy to be at.

Keep Your Feet Clean

Careful: even if you place your carpet away from high-traffic areas, any kind of dirt coming in contact with your carpet means only one thing: trouble! That’s why, do your best to ask your family and guests to wipe their feet and take off their shoes before the walk into your house. Put some doormats to decrease the amount of dirt in people’s feet and make it a habit to take off your shoes at the door when coming in. Place some flip-flops or slippers by the door as a friendly reminder!

Vacuum Often

Despite the precautions, sooner or later some filth will inevitably get into your carpeted flooring, so combat this threat mano a mano with some weekly vacuuming. It will remove crumbs, allergens and keep your carpet shining and vivid!

Use A Carpet Protector

Although vacuuming works, it’s also important to apply some sort of carpet protector spray on a regular basis to keep your carpet healthy. However, be sure to test it first on a small section of your carpet to make sure they don’t tin it. You might harm your flooring more if you use the wrong spray!

Clean Every Spot and Stain ASAP

As we said, sooner or later your carpet will get a stain of sorts, and you can’t avoid it. However, what you can do is to remove it as soon as you can before it reaches the bottom and becomes a hazardous mold!

But wait: once you detect the spot, don’t rub it! It will wear the fabric and actually push the filth further down, where it’s almost impossible to reach. Instead, blot the area until it is almost dry and then vacuum. This will surely save you from further damage and keep your carpet clean!

Hire a Professional

Even if you did a wonderful job following these instructions and kept your carpet healthy and alive, it’s necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaning service from time to time. It’ll maintain your carpet’s quality and extend its lifetime, as only professionals know those little tricks to make carpets look good as new.

Don’t be afraid to invest in a professional every now and then! It’ll be worth it in the long run!

Should you vacuum new carpet?

People say that you can let a carpet “settle in” for a week or so, which is not true. In fact, precisely because they’re new, carpets will drop off some small fibers that need to be vacuumed. Don’t mind the myths: remove every installed debris in your carpet as soon as you install it!

How do I protect my carpet in high traffic areas?

Frequent vacuuming is your best way to go, aside from protector sprays. However, hiring a professional service on a regular basis for carpet cleaning is the safest way to keep a carpet alive for many years.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to protect new carpet floorings, you can see it’s quite the work, but the payout it’s worthwhile. Indeed: it’s not easy to take care of carpet if you don’t know how to protect carpet in high traffic areas and much less how to keep carpet fluffy, but as long as you act preemptively, it’s not much of a pain. In fact, now that you know how to maintain new carpet floorings, and if you follow our tips, you’ll enjoy a beautiful, fluffy carpet for a long time now!